Extended Care FAQs

Signing Up

Do I need to sign up for Extended Care?

There is no need to register for Extended Care. All Aurora students are welcome any school day that care is needed. All information about your child’s after-care schedule should be communicated to your child’s classroom teacher, so that he or she knows where to send them at the end of the day. Contacting the Extended Care Director, Josh Johnson, is appreciated but not necessary. Pre-registration is required for the unlimited flat rate option, see payment options below for more info.

How do I find out about the Enrichment Class schedule?

There are three 8-week Enrichment Class sessions each school year. Information about each session is available several weeks before a session begins. (Info is available as follows: Fall – mid September, Winter – mid January, Spring – early April). Information will be emailed, posted at Aurora, and listed on our website. If you need to know earlier, feel free to contact the Extended Care Director for any updates on the schedule in process.

What are my payment options?

There are two options: unlimited monthly flat rate or hourly drop in. The unlimited flat rate option ($360/month) requires an automated monthly electronic bank withdrawal pre-payment, using this authorization ACH form. If you do not enroll in this unlimited flat rate option, you will pay the hourly drop in rate ($10.40 per hour) that is invoiced at the end of each month. For a regular month with no long school breaks you generally need to use 35 or more hours of Extended Care for the unlimited flat rate to be the less expensive option. For the flat rate option, months with 5 or more weekdays of no school are pro-rated.


Who do I tell when my child needs to go to after-care?

Your child’s classroom teacher is the one who needs to know where to send your child at the end of the school day.

What should I do if I need my child to go to Extended Care last minute?

An email to your child’s teacher and the Extended Care Director is best. All children not collected from the front steps within 10 minutes of dismissal time are automatically brought to after-care and signed in. There is never a scenario where your child is on the front steps waiting for you for longer than 10 minutes.

What do I do if someone other than myself or other authorized person is picking up my child?

Please email or call the Extended Care Director with the name of the person picking up your child well in advance of the pick up (before noon of the day in question please). Last minute requests should be phoned in to the Extended Care room at (510) 428-2606 ext 225.

What’s the best way to reach the Extended Care staff?

The Extended Care Director, Josh Johnson, can be reached by email or phone (510) 428-2606 ext 208 between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm during the week. Messages about pick ups, or other things for that day during after-care hours should go to the Extended Care room at (510) 428-2606 ext 225, especially after 5:00 pm.

Who should I contact with questions about my Extended Care invoice?

Questions about the number of hours charged on your statement should be directed to the Extended Care Director, Josh Johnson. All other questions should go to our Finance Manager, Erina Atkins-Hadad.

Picking Up

What do I do if my child is already in Extended Care when I come to pick up at the front steps?

Please park your car and come in to collect and sign out your child from EC. Parents are responsible for signing out their child from Extended Care after they are signed in. You will not be charged for any time in after-care that is less than 15 minutes (we round it down to zero). Clear communication with your child’s classroom teacher about where your child should go after school should help avoid any confusion at the end of the school day.

How do I get in to the building and/or yard to collect my child during Extended Care

We have a system of electronic keypad locks on all three main entrances (Front Door, Yard Gate, and Auditorium Door). All new families can get the code verbally from the front office, any Extended Care staff, or anyone in the community that already knows it. For security purposes, our code is not emailed or handed out. When the weather is good and daylight is plenty, the yard gate (adjacent to the front steps) is the easiest way to get in and sign out your child. When the weather is not so good or it’s dark out, all the kids go inside to the Extended Care room and you will need to enter through the Auditorium Door (around the corner to your right as you face the front steps).

What should I do if I need to pick up after 6:00 pm, and what are the late fees?

Extended care ends at 6:00 pm every day, except for a few Fridays when we end at 4:00 pm before a holiday break. Please plan accordingly so that you can pick up your child before we close for the day. If you think you are going to arrive after 6:00 pm, please call the Extended Care Room at (510) 428-2606 ext 225 and inform the Extended Care staff so that they know you are on your way. Pick-ups after 6:00 pm are strongly discouraged and charged the following fees, which are added onto your monthly EC bill. (We no longer accept cash at time of pick-up).
Picked up between 6:01 – 6:15 pm: $20
Picked up between 6:16 – 6:30 pm: $40
Picked up from 6:31 pm on $75

Signing Out

Where’s the sign out sheet?

There is a daily sheet to sign the kids in and out from EC. This sheet is usually found at the picnic tables out on the yard for most of the day, and inside the Extended Care room once the staff and kids decide it’s time to go in (usually because it gets cold and/or dark). If it’s raining outside, the sign out clipboards will be out on the table by the auditorium door. All children must be signed out at pick up every day!

Do I need to sign out if my child’s in an Enrichment class?

YES! We sign in every child who comes to Extended Care, even if they are taking an Enrichment class, so they must be signed out at pickup, even if they are not going to stay after their class. You are not charged for any time during the class, it is deducted from your daily total. If you don’t sign out, you will be charged for a full day of care, see the next question below.

What happens if I forget to sign out my child from Extended Care?

If your family has chosen the hourly drop-in option, you will be charged for a full afternoon of care, until 6:00 pm. If you are enrolled in our unlimited flat rate option and forgot to sign out on repeated occasions, the unlimited option will unfortunately be discontinued for your family. Please remember to sign out every day!

Contact Information

Josh Johnson, Extended Care Director, (510) 428-2606 ext 208
Extended Care Room & Staff (510) 428-2606 ext 225