Our School and Community

Dear Families,

Welcome to Aurora School! Abbie Koss, Head of School, Aurora School, Oakland, CAWhat a wonderful time to connect with us as we celebrate our 27th year as a Bay Area leader in elementary education. From our first days in our founder’s living room, Aurora has been dedicated to balancing the importance of academic learning alongside the social and emotional development of our students. We are proud to continue that commitment to our young students and their families today.

At Aurora, we are fortunate to be able to focus on a stellar K-5 school experience for our students. All of our energy is invested in best practices for children in the elementary grades. Aurora students are encouraged to be engaged learners in a multi-age classroom environment that fosters the skills required for a lifetime of success. Our talented teachers provide a safe learning atmosphere that extends beyond the classroom to every aspect of the school. The result is that Aurora graduates have a strong and solid foundation for middle school and beyond.

Our small school community and our low student/teacher ratio supports our attention to the individual child. We want our students to learn from the richness of a diverse community that is filled with a multitude of perspectives and varied learning styles.

In addition to your virtual visit here on our website, we encourage you to visit our vibrant K-5 learning community in the quiet hills of Upper Rockridge in Oakland, California. See for yourself how our students are active participants in their learning and life long learners are cultivated.

When searching for a school that is the right fit for your child, my advice is to make sure you find a school that feels right for your child’s elementary education today. By the time you look for a middle school, your child will be at a different place in their lives and you both will know more about who your child is as a learner and a person than when they were five. At that time, you will have the opportunity to find the right setting for your middle schooler, who will likely be a very different being than the kindergartner, first, second, or third grader she or he is now.

Thank you for considering Aurora School.


Abbie Koss
Head of School