The K-5 Advantage

Aurora School is a K-5 elementary school. Students at Aurora benefit from the experience of having an elementary education.

Leadership Opportunities

The oldest students at Aurora are fifth graders who inevitably become leaders within our school. They run our Student Council, teaching our younger students about giving back. Being a K-5 school allows us to shine a light on these 5th grade students during these very important formative years.

Smaller School Community

As a result of being a K-5 school, rather than a K-8, our community is smaller than most other schools. Our overall census is between 105 and 110 students. This size fosters a feeling of community where Aurora students know all of the people they see each day: the families, administrative staff, other teachers, and students who are both younger and older. We often refer to ourselves as the Aurora Community because that is how it feels to be a part of our school. This sense of community is not only great for our families and staff, but it also teaches our students the intrinsic value of community in their lives.

Sustaining the Elementary Years

Middle School is a fascinating time of exploration for children. Adolescence sets the stage for many transformations both physically and socially during these years. As our fifth graders graduate and go off to their new schools, we proudly celebrate their changing minds and bodies with an exciting Graduation and Tribute Ceremony. Fifth grade students leave Aurora with great confidence and a strong sense of self. Without the presence of Middle School students on our campus, Aurora School takes on a younger feeling. Our 4/5 students are left to lead without any peer pressure from older students.

Matching Your Middle School to Your 5th Grader

Most families apply to Aurora when their child is quite young. Parents chose Aurora because they feel it is the best fit for their family and child. We don’t yet know who your child will be as a fifth grader when they are just entering kindergarten. Will she be a serious mathematician who wants to attend a school with a Math Club? Will sports be his focus for choosing a Middle School? Maybe music calls her and she’ll want to go to a school where she can play in a jazz band. Aurora parents are able to reevaluate their school choice based on who their child is in the fifth grade. Our students apply to and visit many different Middle Schools in the area. They are able to be thoughtful and self-reflective about who they are as learners and what is important to them in choosing a school. This is a valuable process that engages our fifth graders in creating their future.