Fund for Aurora

Each year we ask our community to support The Fund for Aurora with a financial donation to help bridge the gap between tuition and the real cost of an Aurora education. These gifts are used toward our annual operating budget. They contribute in a direct and important way to the stability and long-term growth of Aurora. We ask you to give at a level that feels significant to your family.

In my view, when all is said and done, parents give above and beyond tuition because of their level of satisfaction with what transpires during the school day, and 100% participation reflects a high level of satisfaction with the way in which Aurora’s core mission is being executed.

– Board Vice President, 2011-2013, and parent of two Aurora students, said on the occasion of Aurora’s community achieving 100% participation two years in a row


It is Aurora’s goal to have 100% participation in The Fund for Aurora from our current families and our staff. This participation shows a vote of confidence in the education we provide and helps to convince other outside donors that Aurora is a great place to support. We are pleased to have reached this goal for three years running.

Selecting an independent school education for your children may mean reprioritizing the way in which you make charitable gifts. We hope that you will include Aurora in your plans for giving this year.

Where it Goes: Fund Stats

  • The Fund for Aurora makes up approximately 5-10% of the operating budget for the Aurora each year.
  • Aurora depends on contributions from alumni, parents, past parents, grandparents, friends, foundations and corporations to contribute toward these expenses.
  • Tuition covers approximately 85% of the cost of an Aurora education. Without The Fund for Aurora, tuition would be considerably higher.

Enhancing Programs

Your contribution to The Fund for Aurora makes it possible for us to enhance our programs by:

  • Attracting and keeping the very best teachers and staff
  • Supplying our classrooms with outstanding materials and equipment
  • Incorporating the resources the Bay Area has to offer through trips, retreats and guest speakers
  • Investing in our teachers’ professional development for the benefit of the students they teach now, and those they will teach in the future
  • Continuing our dedication to generous financial aid, helping to make an Aurora education affordable to all families who apply

Employee Matching Gifts – Money on the Table

Many members of the Aurora community work for companies with matching gift programs that will match their employees’ charitable gifts to independent schools like Aurora. Your company’s HR department is a good place to start to see if your employer has such a program. The process usually involves you filling out a form. In some cases our Development Coordinator signs off on the form as well. Matching gift programs are a relatively easy way for your donation to increase in value and they make a big difference. Companies currently making matching gifts to Aurora include: Chevron, Google, Kaiser Permanente, Oracle, Salesforce, Walt Disney and Wells Fargo.

Gifts of Stock and Securities

Gifts of appreciated stock are a great way to support Aurora and receive significant tax benefits. To ensure that you receive proper credit and prompt acknowledgement of your gift, please contact or instruct your broker to contact our Development Office, at (510) 428-2606 ext 226.


We welcome gifts such as computers, cameras, software, library books, furniture, professional services and other items relevant to our educational programs. Your accountant can help you figure the dollar value of gifts-in-kind. Please contact the Development Office to discuss gift delivery.

How to Give

We encourage you to make a gift to The Fund for Aurora. To make a gift online, click the gray button below. For more information, contact Aurora's Development Coordinator.

All donations to The Fund for Aurora constitute a tax deductible contribution as allowed by law. Aurora School’s Federal Tax ID Number is 94-3080476.

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