Merchant Rebate Programs

Merchant Rebate Programs harness the dollars you already spend in the community through participating merchant donations. Every time you shop, businesses donate a percentage of the sale to Aurora and it costs you nothing! Now what could be easier than that?

Three Easy Ways to Shop for Aurora

  1. Amazon: Shop via Aurora’s unique link and 4-8% of all proceeds will be donated to Aurora School
  2. Mighty Nest: Choose Aurora School during checkout and will donate 15% of your purchase price to Aurora School
  3. Sports Basement: Mention Aurora School at checkout and they’ll give you 10% off your purchase PLUS they’ll send us 5% of whatever you spend


Aurora School is part of the affiliate program. We advocate supporting our local merchants as much as possible. When you shop online and use, Aurora can earn money for every purchase you make! No need to remember passwords or codes, but you must sign in via our unique link and then shop as usual. Buy what you ordinarily would and support Aurora at the same time!

Here’s where to start: Go to, browse any page, add items of your choice to your shopping cart, and finalize your sale within 24 hours of clicking on the link (if you delay more than 24 hours before finalizing your sale, Aurora will not receive credit). Every month Amazon pays us 4-8% of all purchases made by shoppers who reached them through our unique link. In this past school year, Aurora shoppers earned more than $2,700. That is FREE money! Please share the link with friends and family and get everyone in on this easy way to help Aurora.


Escrip allows you to register your credit or debit cards, and then as you use these cards for purchases a percentage of these sales are donated back to Aurora. You need to re-register every year but you don’t need to do anything else once your card is registered. Many major online retailers participate and many local businesses too. Escrip will even send you a list of local restaurants that will donate back to Aurora when you dine there. Creating your escrip account is easy: log onto, go to “Step 1: Sign Up – It’s Free!”. The site will take you through 4 easy steps (skip whichever don’t apply). Our goal is for 100% participation in Escrip this year. You even earn a fund raising hour when you sign up! Please support Aurora through this easy process.

Community Merchants

In addition to their generous contributions to the Aurora Auction, several community merchants hold annual events in partnership with Aurora in which they donate a percentage of their sales. More information about these events is posted in our weekly Tuesday Tell All newsletter.


Contact our parent volunteer Merchant Rebate Chair.