Volunteer Program

Let Me Count the Ways

Listed on the Aurora School i-Volunteer website you will find the many ways that help our families connect to their teachers, our staff and our exciting classrooms. This Aurora tradition serves to build and sustain our community, and is an integral part of the Aurora experience.

Two Categories of Volunteer Opportunities

1 – FAM hours include Fundraising, Admissions, and Marketing volunteer opportunities.
2 – SS (School Service) hours include all other school and classroom volunteer opportunities.

Two-parent households are required to volunteer 30 hours – A minimum of 15 hours must be dedicated to FAM and 15 hours to School Service.

Single parents or two-household families are required to volunteer 15 hours EACH – A minimum of 7.5 hours must be dedicated to FAM and 7.5 hours to School Service.

i-Volunteer System

All volunteer opportunities will be tracked through the i-Volunteer site and we recommend that you frequently check back to find new and fun opportunities! If you prefer, you may buy out of your required commitment at a cost of $25 per hour. Please contact our Finance Director, Erina Atkins-Hadad to arrange payment.

Steps to Sign Up or Log Hours

1 – Visit our i-Volunteer home page You’ll visit this page often so don’t forget to bookmark it!
2 – Browse the various tasks and click the VOLUNTEER button to sign up and log your time.
3 – Enter your email, first name, last name, and click VOLUNTEER to confirm. (It’s important to always use the same email for this site, as it will be your log in to review your hours.)
4 – A confirmation email will be sent to you, please follow the link and confirm. (Be sure to save a confirmation email, to access your Participation Page and review your total hours.)

Steps to Review your Hours to Date

1 – At the bottom of any i-Volunteer confirmation email, click the Participation Page link. (If you don’t have one, go to an old event and re-send yourself a confirmation email.)
2 – Once you enter your email address, you can review your volunteer hours to date.
3 – Note that some volunteer opportunities are open all school year and therefore some of your hours will be listed as “Upcoming.” Please remember to include those in your total.

Please Lisa Piccione with any questions.