Community Creators (formerly known as All-School Integrated Art) is an annual event that occurs in mixed K-5 groups over two consecutive Wednesdays in the Fall. All of our students have a chance to participate in activities with all of our teachers in all of our classrooms with students from all ages.

Fifth Grade Leaders

On our most recent Wednesday, our 5th graders really stepped up in a way many staff members have never seen before. They were fantastic leaders for our little ones. They helped make this day of transitions and meeting new faces easier for everyone. We are proud of our 5th graders for shining in this leadership role, as the big, kind kiddos of Aurora

What is Community?

Each year we explore the question “What is Community?” through 6 rotations spanning a broad range of modalities and topics.

  • Room 1 ~ students made Bug Hotels and learned about beneficial bugs.
  • Room 2 ~ Aurora actors did silly vocal warm-ups, played theater games, and jumped into character voice work with Teaching Assistant and voice actor, Adrian Herrera.
  • Room 3 ~ students ventured outside to practice mindfulness through nature art inspired by artist Andy Goldsworthy.
  • Room 4 ~ students brainstormed playground rules, made signs with their rules to hang around the yard, and played and nailed down the rules of 4-square.
  • Room 5 ~ students collaborated to accomplish challenging tasks like lowering “Helium Sticks” and removing “Toxic Waste”.
  • Room 6 ~ students participated in a common tradition among communities: cooking and eating a meal together. They brought home their onigiri recipes to share with their families!

Click here to see loads of pictures of Community Creators 2015.