We had a beautiful student-led assembly this morning to celebrate Gay Pride. Students wore their Aurora shirts and formed a rainbow while volunteers stepped up to share their thoughts about gay pride. Many thanks to all of our student leaders, Music Teacher, Eve Decker for leading us in song and our Admissions Director, Lisa Piccione for coordinating this annual event. Love really does make a family! Here’s what our student leaders in grades K through 5 had to say: Sola: Some people sometimes feel like a girl and sometimes feel like a boy, and they use the word “they” to describe themselves instead of he or she. Joel: Gay families should have the same rights and freedom as straight families. Kayli: Love expands beyond the boundaries of a man and woman. Zoe: I love my two moms! Emi: Freedom is freedom no matter who you love. Naia: You shouldn’t discriminate against someone because of their thoughts and feelings. Liam: Straight families can be allies to gay families. Sabine: You can be gay no matter who you are. Cayden: Transgender people should be able to choose which bathroom to use. Ava: Anyone can be gay. Gay is okay. Nate: Stand up for yourself. It’s okay to be gay. Rose: In some states gay people are being treated badly. Natalie: Stand up for LGBTQ people. Rydell: The one thing that all families have in common is love. Sabrina: Follow your heart, girl or boy. Jonah: Have gay pride! Ani: Nobody should judge you for who you are. Olive: Being an ally is important. Fern: Love is love. Meleah: Kids can have two moms or two dads. Emiliano: Gay is freedom. Henry: Gay means you can love someone the same as you. Amitis: It’s okay to be gay. Zoe: It’s okay if you are adopted because it is still fun. Alma: It is okay to be gay and people should not be mean to you if you are gay. Alex: If mean people try and separate you, you should just say no. Nalani: A girl can marry a girl and a boy can marry a boy. Hava: It’s okay to love anyone you want to love.