Get out your hanky.

The 2/3 students in Room 1 wrote a poem full of advice in honor of their Teaching Assistant, Pauline Talens’ earning her teaching credential and Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction. Pauline Talens, 2/3 Teaching Assistant, Aurora School, OaklandPauline has worked at Aurora for four years and spent the last two enrolled in the Bay Area Teacher Training Institute. Her class, called the Epic Eagles joined together with Lead Teacher, Nick Williams to remind Pauline about what makes her such a great teacher. Another Aurora act of love, care and celebration. Enjoy and don’t say we didn’t warn you about the hanky . . .

Tips for Being an Epic Teacher

To: Ms. Pauline, Our Epic Teacher
Love: The Epic Eagles

Be yourself, kind and calm.
Twirl like a ballerina.
Be as smart as Charlotte the spider.
Be as bright as the sun in the clear morning sky.
Make your students shine like a star.
Plan amazing field trips.
Take your students on magical adventures.
Be as patient as a snail crossing the street.
Be as kind as a kitten.
Be as caring as a mother.
Never say one kid is better than the rest.
Go along with kids’ ideas.
Let your students do store at choice time.
Be as creative as a rainbow.
Be as creative as a painting.
Be as creative as a pencil that’s writing a fiction story.
Smile as big as the crescent moon.
Smile as big as the Cheshire Cat.
Hug kids as tight as a boa constrictor.
Be as flexible as trees flowing in the breeze.
Be as flexible as a rubber balloon.
Be as flexible as a piece of paper.
Laugh very, very hard.
Laugh with your students as loud as a stampeding bunch of elephants.
Laugh like a lion.
Be as funny as a puppy playing on the beach.
Be as graceful as a swan.
Be as confident as a baby bird ready to fly.
Turn your mistakes into something to be proud of.
Spread love as wide as an ancient oak tree’s branches.
Be as calm as Sausal Creek’s rippling water.
Be as nice as you have been to us.
Be as epic as the Epic Eagles.
Be the teacher you always wanted to be.
Shine like a star in the night sky.
Use your power to change the world.
And remember you will always be EPIC!