Equity & Inclusion

Appreciation for difference

We’re proud of our reputation as a school where students truly feel comfortable and supported for who they are. Open mindedness and an appreciation for differences uniquely prepares students to be compassionate leaders in their adolescent and adult years.

We give students different opportunities to get know themselves and each other as learners, contributing community members, and empowered and authentic human beings.

The power to include

Underrepresented voices

At each grade level, students wrestle with questions that emerge from their social studies and science curriculum around such topics as racial injustice, socioeconomic inequality, and the environment. As part of their What is Civilization? unit, students considered Underrepresented Voices.

We are intentional about incorporating into our work perspectives and experiences often ignored by the dominant culture. In developmentally appropriate ways, we explore gender, race, class, and family structure as we help our students to build a healthy understanding of their unique voice and identity.

We believe that our small, intimate environment of inclusivity creates a safe surrounding, where kindness and open mindedness become attitudes that are held for life.

Across the curriculum and on the playground, we teach and practice cultural competence

Social Emotional Learning

Collaboration and active inclusion

The ability to recognize emotions and emotional responses

How to talk about conflicting and complicated ideas and feelings

The ability to resolve conflict and take responsibility for personal behavior

An awareness of different perspectives and the forces that shape them


An understanding of privilege and how it affects perspective

How to identify and confront stereotypes and biases

The power to know yourself

Affinity groups

Affinity Groups at Aurora provide a chance for families who share a common connection to get together along with their allies to share stories, resources, fun and support.

There are currently active Affinity Groups for:

  • families of adopted children
  • families of color
  • LGBTQ families
  • two household families
  • parents of children with learning differences

The power to have perspective

Diverse perspectives

Aurora strives to reflect the diversity of the Bay Area with its staff, student, and family population. At Aurora, we celebrate all types of diversity. Our families share the common goal of providing their children with a progressive and academically engaging education.

We believe that effective learning and independent thinking can only take place in an engaging, respectful environment that makes everyone feel safe and included. That’s why we strive to give students and adults alike many different opportunities to get know themselves and each other as learners, contributing community members, and empowered and authentic human beings.

Discover why families choose Aurora in this short video produced by our very own talented parents!​

The power to make change

Student Racial Diversity

Faculty Racial Diversity