Videos: Parent Perspectives

Parents Speak About Choosing a School

Aurora strives to reflect the diversity of the Bay Area with its staff, student, and family population. We celebrate all types of diversity. All Aurora families share the common goal of providing their children with a progressive and academically rigorous education. Click on the videos below to find out why our families chose Aurora.

Amanda and Bachi Brunato

Amanda and Bachi Brunato are the parents of a first and third grader at Aurora. They live in Oakland where they run a small business that focuses on energy efficiency. In this video they share how happy they and their daughters are to be part of such a strong Aurora community.

Monica Bullard

Monica Bullard is a midwife and the mom of a 2014 Aurora graduate. Her son began at Aurora in kindergarten so she speaks with several years of experience under her belt. They are a two-household family.

Evan and Victoria Gilbert

Evan and Victoria Gilbert are the parents of a first and third grader at Aurora. Evan grew up in the Bay Area and has lots of experience with East Bay independent schools. It is with that lens that they talk about why Aurora was the right choice for their daughters.

Jo and Doug Hadley

Jo and Doug Hadley are the parents of two children at Aurora. Jo is a small business owner and Doug is a doctor. Their daughter is a 2014 Aurora graduate and their son is in fourth grade. They transferred to Aurora after spending three years at an Oakland public school. In this video, Jo considers the public vs. private dilemma from a place of experience.

Carole Keefe and Jackie Bresie

Carole Keefe and Jackie Bresie joined the Aurora community when their son was in first grade. Carole works as a movement coach and Jackie is busy with a start-up. They were very sad to leave the Aurora community when they moved out of state for work.

Carol Kusmierski

Carol Kusmierski is the grandmother of a 2013 Aurora graduate. She decided to transfer her granddaughter from a Berkeley public school in the fourth grade. Together, they share some of the things that make Aurora particularly special.

Jennie Riley and Jim Pearce

Jennie Riley and Jim Pearce’s son started as a kindergartener. After second grade they moved to North Carolina for Jim to pursue a graduate degree. In this video, they appreciate, among many other things, how Aurora was a particularly good match for their only child.

Lori and Dave

Lori and Dave are the parents of two Aurora graduates. They have been and continue to be an active and valuable part of the Aurora community. In this video, Lori shares some of what makes Aurora so special to her family.

Joel Baum and Pam Wool

Joel Baum and Pam Wool are the parents of an Aurora graduate. Their daughter started at Aurora in kindergarten. Pam is an attorney and Joel is a diversity educator. In this video, they share their professional and personal reasons for choosing and loving Aurora.