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Like progressive education, our students are multifaceted. Their minds are sharp, and their hearts are open. In them, our teachers foster academic strength and the ability to solve problems on the one hand, and communication and social justice on the other.

Aurora’s most unique trait is our multi-graded classrooms. Grouping two grades in each classroom (Kindergarten and 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 4th and 5th, 6th and 7th), gives older students the opportunity to mentor, and younger students the benefit of receiving guidance from their peers.

Whether students or teachers, parents or staff, our community practices kindness and inclusivity, and moves through the world with intention. We look forward to meeting you.

The Aurora Approach

Every day in our classrooms, Aurora teachers make the case for our approach better than we ever could with a paragraph on a website. See for yourself:

Introducing Aurora School

A quick overview of Aurora, and how the power of small makes us uniquely suited to provide big benefits in education and social/emotional growth for our students.

Math with Grades K/1

K/1 Lead Teacher Lyla Weinstein discusses her approach to teaching, following by a lesson.

Social/Emotional Learning with Grades 2/3

Social and emotional learning drive everything we do at Aurora. Here, 2/3 Lead Teacher Elise Frank talks about that, and sits down with students to talk about anger: how it feels, how we express it, how others might perceive it.

Science with Grades 2/3

2/3 Lead Teacher Maggie Breuner explains her approach, and offers a hands-on lesson in how to solve the age old question: just how much water can a sponge hold?

Music and Social Justice with Grades 4/5

4/5 Lead Teacher Nicole Thomas leads a discussion on how music has been used throughout history as a means of expressing oneself, and protesting injustice.

Middle School STEM

6th Grade STEM Teacher Jeri Countryman talks about infographics with her students working on a STEM Quest about the California Drought.

Middle School Math

Aurora Math Teacher Mandy Mudde discusses her approach, and offers a lesson to 6th Graders.

Alumni Q&A

Hear Aurora alumni Ava ’17, Brian ’10, Dash ’16, Jonathan ’12, and Sadie ’19 share their thoughts on multi-graded classrooms and how prepared they were for middle school, along with their favorite memories from their time at Aurora.

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