Aurora Campus

For more than thirty years, we’ve occupied this charming, historic school building located on a spacious campus in the safe, quiet neighborhood of upper Rockridge, just off of Broadway Terrace near Highways 13 and 24.
It’s been retrofitted for earthquake safety. Since launching our Middle School in 2021, we’ve expanded into the adjoining building.



Students of different grades share learning spaces in classrooms where an optimal 1:8 teacher:student ratio ensures every student gets the attention they deserve. The classic architecture features high ceilings and large windows facing our Garden Forest, and has abundant natural light and fresh air.


Aurora is home to one of the largest school library collections of any independent school in the area, with over 12,000 books that are constantly updated with  diversity and inclusion in mind. Lower school students have weekly library classes where they are read to, learn about topics related to books, and check out books. Middle schoolers visit the library once a week to browse the collection and check out books. All students use the library on an as needed for club meetings and project research. Parents and students can browse our online catalog from home as well.



This fully-equipped home base is the launching pad from which they explore technology and science on their Quests. Tools and equipment that students use to help them engineer their projects. It features abundant light and large working tables where students collaborate on projects using laptops, construction materials, lab equipment and everything needed to pursue their Quests from virtual reality to robotics.


We are fortunate to have an auditorium for our central meeting area, where our K-8 community can come together each week for Tuesday assemblies, and school-wide events and performances. In December the auditorium houses our Friends and Family event and in May it’s transformed into a magical art gallery filled with students’ art work for our annual year-end art show.


The Woodshop

Aurora boasts a fully-stocked woodshop which allows students to learn hands-on skills and the pride of creation. From teaching basic rules of tool handling and safety through building their own toys, models, and even school lockers the woodshop is a place where hands-on learning happens along with science, math, and applied physics! Students learn in small groups with close supervision.

Music Room

Our Music Room has a range of instruments to guide students on a K-8 journey. Students engage in singing, movement, and percussion in kindergarten, and learn to play a host of other musical instruments throughout their K-8 experience, which culminates in playing in our Middle School Band. Students learn to read and write music in their time at Aurora and perform at our weekly assemblies.



In Aurora’s art room, creation and craft occur in all media. Students learn how to draw, paint, sew, sculpt and more with all the tools and supplies they need. Art projects are sometimes just about learning how to express in a certain form, and other times are designed to make classroom learning come to life. Students learn in small groups, and have the adjoining auditorium for larger projects. Students study art and artists from all over the world and learn art history too.

The Garden Forest

An enchanting and beloved space on our hillside with picnic tables, paths, and trees that spurs young imaginations, exploration of nature and games of hide and seek. Students come here to eat lunch and snack, play, read, write, draw, and explore nature-based science activities.


The Greenspace

A large playing field with lush, clean, eco-friendly, non-toxic turf, the Greenspace is a popular spot for pickup soccer games at recess, and it’s where most PE classes happen. It includes a separate area with picnic tables and a shed full of play equipment, and on nice days you may find other classes being taught there.

The Yard

Aurora’s well-equipped school yard has something for everyone; a large play structure, sandbox, basketball court, play areas, and eating area. Kids of all ages utilize our school yard to socialize and interact alongside each other throughout the day. Students rotate through our three outdoor spaces weekly to eat lunch and play, providing them with a range of opportunities for exercise and activities


Aurora School’s mission is to nurture children’s love of learning by cultivating academic excellence, emotional intelligence, and social engagement.

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