Flexible Tuition

Flexible Tuition

We encourage families to apply for Flexible Tuition even if you think you may not qualify. Our Flexible Tuition Committee considers every application thoughtfully and with intent to reflect economic diversity.

The range of tuition paid by families for the 2023-24 school year is  $6,602 – $33,010 for grades K-5, and $7,304 – $36,520 for Middle School.

An Aurora education is an investment in your child’s future. We understand that it is also a significant financial commitment. We are committed to making Aurora School accessible to families from a broad range of economic circumstances. Up to 22% of Aurora revenue supports our Flexible Tuition program, which benefits 30% of our students.


2024-25 Tuition

Annual Tuition and Fees
Tuition - Lower School $6,602 to $34,990 maximum
Tuition - Middle School $7,304 to $38,710 maximum
Application fee $80
Optional Expenses
Extended Care Rates:
$14.25/hour or $495/month
School Break & Summer Camps Varies
School Lunch Available through Flo's Friendly Foods
Fund for Aurora Campaign Voluntary, with a goal of 100% participation from families, staff, and the board members
Participation in the Online Auction Voluntary
4/5 Overnight Trip Sliding scale
Annual Volunteer Commitment Per family: 20 hours/year
Per single parent: 10 hours/year
Hours buyout option: $25/hour

Tuition and Flexible Tuition FAQ's

To get started, please register on the Clarity website. The application is user-friendly and can generally be done in under 30 minutes. Instead of scanning, uploading or mailing tax documents, families can complete an e-signature form and Clarity will pull their verified tax documents directly from the IRS.

From the information provided in your Clarity application (including assets, income, expenses, and debts), a standardized calculation computes a family’s estimated tuition contribution. The information is reviewed by the Flexible Tuition Committee at Aurora and is used as a guideline in determining Flexible Tuition decisions.

No. Decisions on admission and Flexible Tuition are made separately.

Yes. Since determinations partly rely on previous year tax forms and Aurora’s Flexible Tuition budget changes from year to year, families must submit a new application each year.

We understand your taxes may not be complete so we ask that you estimate your financial information to the best of your ability. Aurora will use the information that you provide to make a preliminary Flexible Tuition award decision. We will verify that the information that you provided is correct after reviewing your tax returns.

K12 tuition you pay to other independent schools is figured into your family’s estimated tuition contribution. 

Aurora considers all available sources of financial support when making Flexible Tuition decisions. Each parent must submit a separate Parent Financial Statement to Clarity. If one parent does not complete a Parent Financial Statement, we will not be able to process the flexible tuition application.

If one parent does not work, Aurora factors a base income for that parent when figuring out a family’s tuition assistance amount. Aurora considers all available sources of financial support when making Flexible Tuition decisions.

Decisions for the upcoming year are based on the previous year’s income. If you anticipate a change in your income from the previous year, you may submit a letter explaining your circumstances to the Aurora Flexible Tuition Committee.

Flexible Tuition decisions and awards are included with your acceptance notification. The specific amount is listed on the enrollment contract.

Yes. Families at Aurora may choose among three payment options:

  1. Annual – one payment due by May 1 or the time of enrollment
  2. Semi-Annual – two installments are due on May 1 and December 1
  3. Monthly – ten installments, due on the 5th of the month from May through February. 

Applying for Flexible Tuition at Aurora is a private matter between the family and the Aurora Flexible Tuition Committee. The Committee conducts a comprehensive review of each families’ personal financial situation and that review is not discussed with anyone outside of the Committee. We ask all Flexible Tuition applicants to exercise discretion during the process by not discussing their application or award with other families or faculty. 

Clarity is certified for both GDPR and SOC2 and uses enterprise-level security standards including end-to-end encryption of all personally identifiable information. All information is sent through a secure server, and families may track receipt of the documents sent to Clarity through a password-protected account. For more information, please refer to Clarity’s Privacy Policy.

Complete the Flexible Tuition Appeal Form and return it to our Admissions Director. You will also need to make necessary changes to your Parent Financial Statement on Clarity. Once all of this is completed, the Committee will meet and then contact you to let you know if you qualify for more tuition assistance and if so, how much.

Yes. Families who receive Flexible Tuition and have a positive change of financial status are expected to inform the Admissions Director, so that assistance can be adjusted.

This is to ensure equity for all Aurora families.

Of course. We realize that this can be an intimidating process and we are here to help. The Clarity application is designed to be user friendly and generally takes less than a half hour to complete. They also provide this video tutorial to help explain the process. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Admissions Director Lisa Piccione by email or at 510-428-2606, ext. 204.

Rolling admissions are open for the 2024-25 school year! Learn More
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