Parent & Staff Education

Lifelong learning

At Aurora we believe in lifelong learning and that extends to the parents and guardians of our students. During the school year we host a variety of events designed to delve into areas of interest for our adult community.

Many are open to the public and quite often, the Aurora staff participate in their own workshops on the same topics.

Working together side-by-side

Organizational Partnerships

EBISA (East Bay Independent Schools Association)

POCIS (People of Color in Independent Schools)

Gender Spectrum

Pact-an adoption alliance

Our Family Coalition

Strategies for Learning

Progressive Educators Network

National Association for Independent Schools

We model learning for our students

Our staff models learning for our students by participating in a wide range of professional development opportunities. Every month, our entire staff gathers to consider issues on a yearly theme. Recent themes include Gender, Race, Progressive Education and Leadership.

In addition, our classroom teachers use their common planning time every other week to focus on and think together about an academic topic. They read and discuss scholarly work and collaborate on best practices for teaching and learning. The continuing education of Aurora staff is a priority for the entire Aurora community. In addition to our own in-house professional development opportunities created and coordinated by our Assistant Head of School, our staff is generously funded to participate in outside development as well. Over the past few years, our teachers have attended workshops and classes with Responsive Classroom, Bridges in Mathematics, Teachers College at Columbia University, Gender Spectrum and POCIS (People of Color in Independent Schools).

We set students up as learners and leaders

Educational experiences

Parent and Staff Education

As part of Aurora’s commitment to helping the adults in our students’ lives continue to grow and learn about diversity and inclusion we have hosted a number of educational experiences including:

How to Talk to Your Kids About Race, Allison Briscoe-Smith, PhD, The Wright Institute

American Promise, a documentary following two African-American boys’ journey through an independent school and beyond

I am Racist and so are You, Rachel Shadoan

Executive Functioning Skills in Children, Maria Howard, Strategies for Learning

How We Speak with Our Children about Racial Identity, JuanCarlos Arauz, E3: Education, Excellence, Equity

Extended Family, a documentary about the links between adoptive and birth families in the US and Guatemala, Jill Hodges, Writer/Director

Everyone’s Included: Teaching Children to Embrace Difference, presentation and discussion of Aurora’s diversity and inclusion curriculum, Tony Cifra, Assistant Head of School