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Rina Ayuyang & Ken McCarty
Rina Ayuyang & Ken McCarty

Rina Ayuyang & Ken McCarty

Parents of: Finn (2nd Grade)

We consider ourselves lucky that we found Aurora School. Our son loves going to school every day, and I think it’s because Aurora teachers and staff respect him as the person he is, always encouraging him to express himself, nurturing his creativity, and embracing his uniqueness.

Aurora is one of the few educational institutions that focus on each child and their individual learning style and needs. The school gives students the tools to succeed academically and become socially engaged and empowered individuals.

Our family gives to Aurora because we want to do our part to help the school continue its mission of providing a positive and welcoming environment for students to grow academically, socially, and emotionally.

We also give because we understand the value of an Aurora education. Aurora provides children a rewarding and enriching experience, a gift that not every child is afforded and something that we didn’t personally have growing up. Donating to Aurora is one way we invest in the success of our son’s future.

Whether it’s improving the facilities and classrooms, expanding afterschool programs and summer camps, nurturing the staff’s professional development, or continuing to provide a unique and progressive curriculum, it feels good to know that our gifts to Aurora are helping create a better future for all.